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H2O Social is the social media division of H2O Media Corporation, a leading media company with over 150 clients on four continents. H2O Social previously Milk (H2O acquired us in 2010) is a professional social media outsourcing company, we provide a wide range of outsourced services to completely manage your hotels social and blogging content, social media campaigns and social initiatives that allow you to focus on more important things; such as service and keeping your customers happy.  


It’s not surprising when many people find it difficult to keep up with the latest technology, particularly when they’ve got a business to run and haven’t got the time or patience to learn about blogging, SEO or social networking. Also good hoteliers are normally so busy being hoteliers that Social media updating is the last thing on their mind - that’s where we can help…


Social Media is our area of expertise, and we focus on the hospitality sector. Our customers include hotels, resorts, hotels and restaurants. It’s something we can take completely off your hands so you can get on with the day-to-day running of your business. After all, who has time to worry about Twitter or writing a blog when you’ve got customers to contend with?  Let the social media guys take care of the social media whilst you attend to your hotels guests and service.


We provide simple and easy to understand packages for our clients, including inexpensive and easy to understand packages for small guesthouses and independent hotels; right up to complete enterprise social media management and integrated campaigns for some of the largest hospitality brands on the planet including Accor, Hilton, Moevenpick and many others.


Our services include:


Social Media Consultancy - Not sure where to start? We help brands understand the impact that social media is having on your organisation and work with your team to implement the changes that need to be made as a result. Learn more


Social Media Management – Letting us manage your social media on key platforms including Facebook., Twitter and LinkedIn. Use these platforms to build your business and awareness whilst we develop your audience with captivating, relevant and sharable content against your policies.  Learn more…


Social Media Advertising – Advertise on all of the popular social channels including Facebook, sponsored tweets, LinkedIn advertising and even search engines including Google, Yahoo & MSN. Track your clicks, likes, tweets and follows each month. Learn more….


Outsourced Blogging & Content Distribution – We write your relevant, keyword rich and engaging blog content for you each month and upload it to your Joomla or Wordpress website, we look after setting publish dates to publish new content every week or every few days based on your requirements and share it on all of your social networks. We can even post your content on other peoples blogs! Learn more....


You Tube & Video Marketing – In case you haven’t heard already YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, we can help you use it to generate qualified potential customers to your website, it also works as a great destination marketing tool for your hotel. Learn more….


Custom Pages - Make your Social Media pages stand out with completely customised designs and applications built into them, ensure your entire brand has a completely unified look and feel across all of your channels. Let your customers book rooms from your webpage so they never have to leave Facebook! Learn more....


Tracking, monitoring and management - Monitor the volume of traffic to your hotels website from social channels, track which ones book your rooms, track your shares, follows, tweets, reposts, blog links to ensure you are getting a positive ROI from your investment. Learn more....


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We understand that there is so much to consider when planning how you will use social media effectively within your organisation that it can bamboozle even the most socially savvy person. 


To assist our customers we are offering a FREE 20 minute initial telephone consultancy session that will help you quickly define your business goals, your priorities, an outline plan, a realistic outline budget and an idea of the tools and resources you will need to use.  Simply fill in the form to take up the free consultancy offer and speak direct to the H2O management team.



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